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http://togo.ebay.com/ DIY Complete Laptop Repair Online Guide, Motherboard Repair, Component Testing and Procedures,
Video Chip Reflow Method, DC Jack Repair, Screen Repair, Online Instant Access.
Must Know Information For Any Technician! Repair Liquid Spill Damage, Motherboard Hands On Testing, DC(power)Jack Repair, Laptop Component Diagrams, Testing Procedures/Tools Used, Motherboard Schematics, Free Ebooks (over $100 value), Laptop Mods, Photos and video of Reflow Process.

This is your chance to own the World's First - REPAIRING LAPTOP COMPUTERS, Online Complete Information.
  1. Learn To Disassemble Laptops
  2. Learn How To Repair Motherboard Issues
  3. Learn What All the Components Are That Make Up A Motherboard (PCB-Printed Circuit Board)
  4. Learn How To Test The Components, And What The Proper Testing Tools Are

This is All Information Never Available, Not Taught In Schools, Colleges or Classes, Not Instructed Upon for Certifications, But Is A MUST KNOW For Any Technician Or Aspiring Technician Alike. You Receive Full Access To My Private Online Password Accessed Website, Where You Get Lifetime Access To Once Purchased, I Released This Information Into Website Format Because I Am Then Able To Consistantly Update And Upgrade It On A Weekly Basis.... Giving You The Most Current Information and Adding to Existing Information. 

Also included is Guides to Repair DC Jacks, with Proper Desoldering and Resoldering Techniques, Learn Screen Repairing and What to Test For The Screen Issue That Has Arrised. You Get Over $100 Worth Of FREE E-Books, Learn More about Electronics PCB Testing, Proper Tools and How They Work, Motherboard Schematics, Service Manuals and More. 

Most Importantly... You Receive My Legally Trademarked, Patented, And Copyrighted - DIY Video Chip Reflow Method - For Onboard Laptop Motherboard Video/GPU/Graphics Chip Repair

 This Method Also Works For Desktop Computers With Either Onboard Video Or Will Work On Video Cards Too.


Step By Step Laptop Video/GPU Repair METHOD 





I will walk you through the entire process for properly repairing your non working laptop.. With over 21 years of Concentrated Laptop Repair Experience, 9 Certifications, I own the rights to this unique method, It has been tested and used Sucessfully now since starting. To Professionally "Reflow" An SMD Motherboards BGA Chip(s), a Rework Station Is Used, My method does not use this Expensive piece of Machinery, Instead, I teach you how to use an alternate source of Direct Heat, By way of a Heat Gun.. But ...Even though the Heat Gun is the Main tool used for my Method.. It is Not the Key to what makes my method work... I tell you in full detail once purchased, the correct method and process, and why My method works and the YouTube methods Don't.     




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Item Description


Online do it yourself, step by step guide for repairing Laptop Motherboards, Laptop

 Onboard  Video Chip Reflow Method, And testing procedures


 You will receive Complete Step By Step Instructions on How To Fix Your Laptop GPU/Graphics Chips/Cards... This Method Will Also Fix Any Graphics Chip/GPU Chip Rise Thermal Damage Issue.....

You Can Also Apply This Method To Faulty Video Cards (as apposed to Onboard Chips).. And As Well You Can Repair XBOX 360s (You Apply This Method To Both The CPU and GPU On The Gaming Systems) Faulty Nvidia Chip..Both Intel And AMD Based Motherboards..Though More Common on the AMD.. The symptoms of the Laptop Powering on and Shutting Off Repeatedly..Or.. Powering On and Having No Video...Or... Power Strip Lights Up, Beeps,Shuts Down...Or..No Power At All...Or.. Intermittant Loss Of Wireless/Video Goes In And Out/Touchpad Slows and Freezes..

To Fix this issue, You will need to Reflow The Graphics Chip/GPU.

I will Explain In Full Detail As To The Correct Method In Your Purchased Detailed Step By Step Instructions ... That Are Easy Enough To Follow Whether A Novice or The "One Timer", Or A Professional Technician. All Will Learn From This And Benefit.

Laptop Models That Have Frequent Video Failure Issues:

 Hewlett Packard, Compaq, Dell, Acer, Toshiba, Sony, Gateway, IBM, Lenovo, Alienware, Panasonic, Averatec, HP DV6000/DV2000/DV9000 Compaq v3000/v9000 HP tx1000/tx2000 Video Chip Reflow Instructions Update:


---------->   WHAT YOU GET   <----------

1.)  Lifetime Access To My Private Online Instructional Website, which is Upgraded/Updated On A Regular Basis  

2.)  NEW!!!!! Now Included, 38 pages of Schematics for HP dv2000/dv6000/dv9000 and Compaq v6000/v3000    

3.)  Free Ebooks ! Motherboard Testing, Using A Multimeter, Testing Components and Much More! ($100 value)   

4.)  Free Software Tools, Free Schematics, Videos Of The Process, Captioned Photos, Service Manuals And Mods  


I will also include My Personal Email Address In Case You Have Any Immediate Questions or need Further Support.. Available 24/7 Once Purchased..


YOU will Instantly Receive An Email With A Link and Password To The Private Password Accessable Website For Payed Viewers Only...

The Complete Tutorial/Step By Step Instructions Including Photos,Video,Ebooks,Software,Schematics,Service Manuals, How To Diasaaemble The Laptop, and Other Important Information..

 Have Your Laptop Back Up And Running Perfect Today!!

 Don't Spend Hundreds On A Motherboard Replacement Or On A Technician to Diagnose These Issues, Fix It Yourself!! There Are Tools Needed For This Repair and I Give Full Instructions On Which Tools Are Needed, The Cost Of The Tools, And Where To Obtain These Tools.. All Tools Needed Are Readily Available At Any Home Improvement Store And Total Cost For Tools Needed Does Not Exceed $20-$30 A Must Know For Any Tech Out There...!!!


Your Purchase Includes A Private "Buyer Only" Priviledged Web Link... Web Link Includes... Detailed Step By Step Instruction,Videos, Pictures, News, Schematics, Tutorials, And More... Updated On A Regular Basis.. New Content Being Added All The Time

EVERY Laptop Technician Needs To Know This Information!! It Is A Must!! You Will Save Your Customers Hundreds Of Dollars, And Gain More Business And Knowledge Yourself Being Able To Repair These Faulty Boards Instead Of Replacing Them!!

And............. To The People Needing Just The "One Time Fix" This Will Guide You Through It... I have been researching this issue since the day it started... Determining the best way to "Cure" this issue... Knowing that HP/Dell were both in "Denial" and having to deal with their customer support on a daily basis in an attempt to get the recalled ones sent in for their replacement motherboard (free)..which is a Nightmare!! This method has been performed on Hundreds of Laptops over the years.. And though Yes... Some do not hold up and end up Re-Failing... Most Reflows Done Last Indefinately... Usually the reason for the reflow not holding up and Re-Failing is that it was Other Issues On Top Of The "Faulty Chip Issue" .. Ex: Extreme Amount Of Dust/Debris Build Up/Blockage Over An Extended Period Of Time... Or, liquid/Moisture Damage... Or Faulty Capacitor/Resistor/Mosfet.. etc......


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